Yale Invitational

Please contact the 2022–2023 Tournament Directors with any questions:


Teams: Quinn Moss (quinn.moss@yale.edu)

Logistics: Everett Parker-Noblitt (everett.parker-noblitt@yale.edu)

Judges: Luke Tyson (luke.tyson@yale.edu)


The Yale Mock Trial Association will be hosting the 27th Annual Yale Invitational in fall 2022. We are proud to continue our legacy of hosting one of the strongest fields on the American Mock Trial Association Invitational Circuit. Our annual collegiate tournament usually takes place on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, CT; however, the format for this year’s tournament has not yet been finalized due to the pandemic. The Yale Invitational has historically consisted of four rounds, with each team competing in two rounds per day.

Teams from the following schools competed at the 2020 Yale Invitational:

American University, Boston University, The University of Chicago, Colorado College, Cornell University, University of Florida, Fordham University Lincoln Center, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Georgia Tech, Harvard University, Hillsdale College,  Howard University, La Salle University, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Northern Illinois University, Northwood University, The Ohio State University, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University, University of Portland, Princeton University, Rutgers University, University of Rochester, Stanford University, Stevenson University, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, Tufts University, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UMass Amherst, Washington University in St. Louis, Wesleyan University, Yale University. 

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please contact Everett Parker-Noblitt at everett.parker-noblitt@yale.edu

The tab summaries from previous Yale Invitationals can be viewed below: 

2020    2019    2018    2017    2016    2015    2014    2013    2012

The manual for the Weighted Partial Ballots system used at the 2012-2015 tournaments can be viewed here.


If you are interested in judging at the Yale Invitational, please contact Luke Tyson at luke.tyson@yale.edu to receive a judge registration form.

Click here to access the Rules of Evidence for college Mock Trial.

PC: Andrew Hurley